Tink It...

What is Missing!

- The need for effective management of these challenges is clear.
- Therapy, nutrition, and support groups offer effective avenues for managing emotions and healing from trauma.
- There is no systematic way all these things are offered concurrently.

Interconnected Challenges

-Emotion dysregulation, trauma, and neurodivergence are intertwined, profoundly impacting neurodivergent individuals.
-Over 80% of individuals with autism experience emotion dysregulation.
-More than 60% of neurodivergent individuals have experienced trauma.
-These challenges disrupt learning, attention, and social interactions.

Mainstream Schooling Surge in Neurodivergent Children

-A rising number of children with special needs are attending mainstream schools.
-Teachers are generally not adequately trained to handle students with special needs.
-Neurodivergent Children are not well understood and have to be confined to special schools, which may be costly.

Costly Psychological Assessment

-Psychological assessment is prohibitively expensive, leading to delayed diagnosis and therapy initiation.

Caregivers Overwhelm

-Parents and caregivers struggle to balance managing their children's needs, academic demands, and work-related stress.

Our Solutions

Together with the things presented here, we created a holistic Model, the Compass Navigators, and formed new partnerships to enhance the ability of our therapist to manage challenges associated with neurodivergent children.

Screening instead of Psychological Assessment.

Provide evidence-based, reliable and valid indicators to determine a child’s strengths and areas for improvement

EduTherapy with Brain Training assisted by AI

Focus on five cognitive enhancements: memory, focus, spatial, flexibility and decision-making.

Early Intervention Programme

From birth to six years old. We focus on cognitive, social communication, social-emotional, literacy, math, fine and gross motor and adaptive.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training on SEN, effective pedagogy, and Emotions Management.

Emotional Mastery and Wellbeing with Aromatherapy

Learn aromatherapy for emotional regulation and stress relief to enhance well-being and classroom environments.

Parenting Seminar

Parenting Seminar on Neuro-Affective Parenting, Emotional management, mental health and wellness, and selfcare.

Our Outcomes

The implementation of our modal and using Child-led uproach has been having a massive impact on our clients. When perfectly executed with the help of the reinforcement of parents:

64 %

Children receiving early intervention met developmental age expectations at age 3.

76 %

Improvement across performance areas, including social relationships, reasoning, problem-solving, feeding, dressing and other self-care.

90 %

Parents report that early intervention programs had improved their ability to help their children develop and learn.