Tink It...

Our Primary Services

These are services catered to our Captains, the children who have challenges in their education especially Neurodivergent children.

Let’s Grow!

Tink It! offers educational therapy with personalised intervention plans for academic excellence. Services include assessments, brain training programs, and parental support, enhancing academic performance and social skills for neurotypical and neurodiverse children.

Let’s Go Outdoor!

Explore our Outdoor Education Program for Special Needs: nature-based learning, tailored activities enhancing physical, cognitive, and social skills, fostering confidence and connection with nature in a supportive, inclusive environment.

Let’s Tink It!

Tink It's AI-driven brain training enhances executive functions, offering tailored cognitive exercises to improve focus, problem-solving, and learning in children, revolutionizing development with innovative technology.

Let's BBW

Parents learn emotions management and bond with children through hands-on activities. Children enjoy tailored games enhancing memory and decision-making.

Our Secondary Services

These are services catered to their guiding stars, Parents and caregivers. These services not only ensure the proper knowledge on the Neurodivergent children, but also on how the guiding stars will maintain their health and wellbeing so that they can serve the captains well.

Positive Parenting Mastery

Transform your parenting journey with our workshop. Learn effective communication, discipline strategies, and child development insights for a harmonious family life.

Smart Finance 4 Smart Parenting

Secure your child’s educational future with our financial planning seminar. Learn about educational budgeting, insurance options, and saving strategies for smart educational investment

Family Wellness Revolution

Discover the secrets to a healthier, happier family. Our program guides you in nutrition, stress management, and holistic wellness for vibrant family dynamics

Personalised Parent Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions for parents seeking personalised advice and strategies for addressing specific challenges in parenting.

Our Tertiary Services

These are towards the Navigation Aids, the teachers of our captains. They are designed to foster understanding and the ability of the teachers to interact and deliver education to our Neurodivergent students. They also help with proper handling of class allowing inclusivity in the learning environment.

Teaching Excellence and Pedagogy

Focus on enhancing teaching skills, pedagogical methods, and classroom management
- Dynamic Teaching: Engaging the 21st-Century Learner
- Inclusive Classrooms: Strategies for Every Student's Success
- Assessing for Success: Effective Strategies for Measuring Learning
- Emotional Mastery: Strategies for Behavioral Challenges

Inclusive Education Essentials

Centers on developing specialized skills for diverse classrooms and engaging with the community and stakeholders. - Mastering Educational Therapy: Strategies and Innovations
- Special Needs Excellence: Tailoring Education for ASD and ADHD Students
- Parents as Partners: Engaging Families in Education
- Teaching Across Cultures: Understanding and Valuing Diversity

Personalised Teacher Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions for teachers seeking personalised advice and strategies for addressing specific challenges in teaching.

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