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What is Missing!

- The need for effective management of these challenges is clear.
- Therapy, nutrition, and support groups offer effective avenues for managing emotions and healing from trauma.
- There is no systematic way all these things are offered concurrently.

Interconnected Challenges

-Emotion dysregulation, trauma, and neurodivergence are intertwined, profoundly impacting neurodivergent individuals.
-Over 80% of individuals with autism experience emotion dysregulation.
-More than 60% of neurodivergent individuals have experienced trauma.
-These challenges disrupt learning, attention, and social interactions.

Mainstream Schooling Surge in Neurodivergent Children

-A rising number of children with special needs are attending mainstream schools.
-Teachers are generally not adequately trained to handle students with special needs.
-Neurodivergent Children are not well understood and have to be confined to special schools, which may be costly.

Costly Psychological Assessment

-Psychological assessment is prohibitively expensive, leading to delayed diagnosis and therapy initiation.

Caregivers Overwhelm

-Parents and caregivers struggle to balance managing their children's needs, academic demands, and work-related stress.